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Wheel Alignment

Ensuring that your car has the proper alignment has much more to do with steering your car straight. When your car's alignment is off, it can produce extra wear and tear on your tires, and we all know that tire replacement can be a big unexpected expense.

Wheel Alignment - Sallas Auto Repair

You might need to have your car's alignment checked if you notice any of the following:

  • Your car drifts to one side when you are driving
  • Your car is driving straight, but your steering wheel is not centered
  • You notice extra wear on your tires, or they seem to be wearing unevenly

It's also a good idea to have your alignment checked if it's been a while since you've had the car aligned. A car moves out of alignment just due to every day driving. If you've recently hit a big curb or have been in a little fender-bender, it's also a good idea to have your car's alignment checked. These types of activities put extra strain on your vehicle's suspension system and that is what causes your car to be out of alignment.

When To Have Your Car Aligned

If you live in the Missouri/Kansas area, due to the condition of our roads, we recommend having your alignment checked at least once a year. If you purchase your tires from Sallas Auto Repair, we offer a lifetime alignment package that includes checking the alignment once a year at no charge.

You can trust the professionals at Sallas Auto Repair to get your car back into proper alignment. Schedule your appointment today!