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Transmission Problems

The transmission is a complex and essential part of your vehicle. The heat and friction created in the transmission cause serious wear and tear over a period of time. If your transmission isn’t cared for, transmission problems can develop.

Transmission Problems - Sallas Auto Repair

Transmission problems are serious, but you don’t have to replace your transmission at the first sign of a problem. Diagnosing the symptoms allows our team to choose the right transmission repair service. Sallas Auto Repair can handle the transmission repair that many other repair shops can not -- We solve problems, no matter how tricky. Our team uses accurate tools to diagnose problems and make internal repairs.

Get Back on the Road

At Sallas Auto Repair, our goal is to get you back on the road safe and sound. If you notice the signs of a transmission problem, it is time for a check-up. Our specialists will take care of your transmission repair needs. We’ll make sure you drive off with no worries about your transmission.

Most Common Transmission Problems

There are several types of transmission problems. You don’t have to study all the parts of the transmission, but being aware of the basic transmission problems will help you notice any issues in the event that they happen to your vehicle.

Listed below are the common problems that may affect your vehicle and indicate that you need transmission repair:

  • Torque converter issues
  • Low or leaking fluid
  • Solenoid problems
  • Jammed clutch

Signs you Need Transmission Repair

Transmission problems have distinct symptoms. If any of the following signs are happening in your vehicle, schedule an appointment immediately -- these signs could indicate serious problems.

  • Difficulty shifting into gear
  • Vibration at highway speeds with slight acceleration
  • Slippage
  • Leaks
  • Burning smell
  • Noisy transmission in neutral

Complete Transmisison Repair Service

Solving your transmission’s issue does not necessarily call for replacement. Before you give up on your vehicle, contact us. We have the right equipment to perform internal repairs. Our team offers diagnosis and transmission repair for any and all diagnose and repair any and all transmission problems.

To learn more about our transmission repair services, contact Sallas Auto Repair.