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GMC & Chevy Auto Repair

Let the experts at Sallas Auto Repair help you with your next GMC or Chevy auto repair. Our ASE certified technicians have extensive experience in repairing GMC and Chevy vehicles.

As an added benefit, when we're providing you with GMC or Chevy auto repair, we always perform a 52-point inspection to give you a snapshot of the health of your vehicle. We’ll let you know about any potential issues with your GMC or Chevrolet so that you can plan to take care of minor issues before they become major repairs. Our goal is always to help you be safer in your Chevy or GMC and these informative inspections are designed to give you the information you need to avoid being stranded on the side of the road.

GMC Auto Repair

The most common GMC auto repair problems that we see are:

  • Anti-lock Braking System Malfunction: This GMC repair has prompted various recalls from the manufacturer.
  • Leaning To One Side: While this doesn’t necessarily affect the safety of your ride, it can be tied to various issues including a bent frame, alignment issues, or problems with the springs and shocks.
  • Fuel Injection Problems: This can cause problems starting your GMC
  • Separation of Cooling Hoses for Power Steering

Chevy Auto Repair

The most common Chevy auto repair problems that we see are:

  • Intake Manifold Leaks: This leads to the engine coolant being burned up and overheating issues.
  • Anti-Theft System Electrical Issues: This can cause delay to drivers who have to wait 10 minutes for the system to reset before starting their Chevy
  • Speedometer Inaccuracies: Drivers have seen their speedometers suddenly reporting inaccurate speeds which could lead to a speeding ticket in your Chevrolet.

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