10 Steps To Get Your Car Ready For Winter


Winter is right around the corner…So this means…

Cold temps makes it harder for your engine to start
Rain, snow and ice will limit traction
Cold temps to cause windshields to fog up and reduce visibility

BECAUSE we all can’t move SOUTH can we…

 But…with proper winterization of your vehicle you can be more prepared to take on the harsh winter weather.

10 Simple Steps To Winterize

1. Tires – What condition are your tires in?
               Low Tread Depth on tires will increase your chances of hydro-planning or sliding on ice and snow. Also, if your tires are
               Old Tires (over 7 years old) they will harden and crack and again will not work as well and will have a better chance of going flat in extreme weather.
               Tire Pressure – colder weather lowers your tire pressure – too low of pressure can cause the tire to heat up and blow out and pot holes have a better chance of damaging your tire if it is low.

2. Get the antifreeze mixture just right
               • The mixture should be 50-50 mix of antifreeze (coolant) and water inside your radiator protects the motor from freezing and cracking.
               • The protection level should be at – 35 degrees below zero.
               • If the mixture is off, your cooling system should be drained and flushed. Remember coolant is toxic and must be disposed of properly!

3. Battery – Batteries give LITTLE NOTICE before they DIE!! So test your battery twice a year, in the spring and fall. Keep the battery’s post clean to ensure a good connection.

4. Wipers & Wiper Fluid – Visibility is key in the winter! We have reduced daylight, poor wipers and no fluid can cause some serious problems in a hurry. Life expectancy is ONE YEAR. Change them in the fall so they are working best in the time of year you need them the most. Also, check your wiper fluid reservoir. Use a fluid that has deicer in it. This helps prevent the fluid from FREEZING on your wind shield.

5. Check Belts & Hoses – Make sure your belts and hoses are checked for cracks or wear. This should be fully checked with each service. Cold weather will make a weak hose or belt fail and then you are done driving. So they deserve your attention!

6. Make sure you can see! - Check your heater and defrost to make sure it is working well to keep the windshield nice and clear. Also check the air-conditioner too as this is they system that defrost your windshield.

7. Keep your gas tank full – this will prevent the gas lines from freezing.

8. Check your 4-wheel drive if you have it - Make sure the system engages smoothly and disengages smoothly. If not, have it serviced.

9. Check all fluids - Check condition of all fluids and top off any low fluids. This includes oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering. Coolant is different so refer to #2 on this list.

10. Do carry extra items in your car in the winter:

     Ice scraper and snow brush
     A Flashlight, flares and a first aid kit.
     A blanket, gloves, boots, hat warm clothes
     Pack some snacks & water: crackers or nuts
     Jumper cables and light tools
     Paper towels or a couple rags
     Extra washer fluid for long trips

EXTRA RECOMMENDATION - Wax your vehicle and protect the outside - we recommend you wax your vehicle twice a year, every spring and fall, to protect it from the sun and the salt. You can do this right in your garage or call us and we will set you up with a detail specialist.

Enjoy your winter!:)
Nick Sallas