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Car Care Clinic Reviews

"Appreciated the car inspection - both fascinating and very informative."

Mae H  

"A few days before I found out about this clinic I was thinking I should/would like to know more about my car and how to take care of it - but I didn't know where to start. I got an email from a friend about the Car Care Clinic, and I feel it's an answer to prayer. I've learned a lot and am grateful for this free Car Care Clinic. Thank you!!"

Laura S  

"Sallas Automotive truly cares about the safety of their customers first."

Sharon C  

"I always learn something from each and every clinic, which helps to keep my car in top running condition."

Bruce G  

"I really appreciate this useful clinic and definitely plan to return to Sallas Auto Repair for future maintenance and repairs. The Car Care Clinic shows Sallas cares."

Kim M  

"The Car Clinic confirmed that Sallas has taken care of my car. Good information for everyone. Had a great time! It helps me more than you know that I have a ride to and from work."

Sharon B  

"I am a first time customer and was comfortable with the service provided and the concerns and care from technicians. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family."

Deirdre B  

"I am really impressed with the overall experience. Everyone was so easy to relate to and I never felt self conscious about asking questions. Thank you very much!"

Andrew F  

"The Car Clinic was extremely informative. Sallas Auto Repair was willing to ask me what my concerns were and train me the important steps it takes to take good care of my car. I was also impressed on how clean the shop was. "

Lailonna B  

"The Car Clinic was excellent. I really liked the "Car Care Tips Section" and the time and attention you gave to show me my vehicle and the ability to ask questions. "


"This Clinic was a great idea! Highly informative and helpful."

Lauren R  

"It was a super fun time! I really learned a lot! The Car Clinics are a wonderful idea, basic education on your car is a wonderful tool for anyone with a vehicle. (The information) keeps you safe, independent and not naive. If I would have known about these Car Clinics I would have come a long time ago!"

Kimberly R